About Us

Meet the Team

Rob and Kane have known each other for over 25 years. They served together in the United States Navy and have traveled the world. They have had a front row seat to the rise of hip hop culture as it grew from a phenomenon to what it represents today on the world stage.  Whether it was in Curfew Greece, South Africa, or Marseille France, the two lifetime friends seen it all.


Kane Ward

Founder & CEO


Rob Balentine

Co Founder Vice President

Kane was born in Columbia, SC and was raised as an Army brat on various military bases in Germany and Fort Bragg, NC. Rob was born in Detroit, MI and grew up in Newport, AR. After forming a strong bond in Memphis after Boot Camp the two men would eventually get stationed in Norfolk, VA where Kane and Rob would start the independent record label Low Blow Records and put out Pennsylvania rap artists Delano along with R&B artist C Major. Later Kane would take the position of Vice President with Napalm Entertainment and work with Pusha T, Madd Skillz, and Richmond Virginia's Big Sty who Kane later got signed to Rap A Lot Records. Kane and Rob would later form Adaman2m Entertainment and sign Newport Arkansas rap artist Yung Villigan as their flagship artist.